Friday, March 26, 2010

I saw you lingering still

Happy Friday, folks!  I'm in a pretty good mood despite Cornell's crushing defeat last night against #1 ranked Kentucky ("your last name is Cousins because you're going to marry yours!"), and the fact that it's "spring" and yet still freezing outside (go away, winter!).  The upside to those is that I saw a lot of my friends last night to watch the game (yay!) and it was supposed to rain/snow all day and I see none of that - it's just cold.  AND, I'm technically "earning" money right now because my training day at work let out early but we get paid for the whole day.  Sweeeeeet.  I love being paid to sit and watch Freaks and Geeks and listening to She & Him Volume 2.

While I was in my (incredibly boring) training sessions, I flagged oodles of good stuff in Google Reader, the best of which I'm sharing with you here:

An interview w/ Julian Casablancas about The Strokes and their new album (which indirectly explains his absence from this other video):

This is my favorite Sartorialist photo of the week. (duh, it has a bicycle and a moustached gentleman!)

This is a great cover of "excuses" by the morning benders (who I just got tix to see next month! $12! totally affordable!) (video via we all want someone to shout for)

Anyway, I have a jam-packed weekend ahead of me full of visiting friends and randomly themed parties!  (maybe I should nap first...)

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