Monday, March 1, 2010

frosty flasks of flavored sugar

 above: strawberry-orange & raspberry flavored vodka flasks

Over the weekend it was Purim, the Halloween/Carnival-esque holiday of the Jewish year.  In honor of this festive debauchery, some friends came over, and we drank a good deal of these homemade candy-flavored vodkas.  Mixed with gingerale or tonic, with a little lime on the side, they were amazing.  I also made a Fruit Punch flavor, which wound up being pretty popular and never made it into a photograph (but really, they're all pink, so you get the idea).

I got the cute little glass flasks at the Container Store - I love them.

If you want to make your own Jolly Rancher vodka, I used about 8-9 pieces of candy per ~250ml of vodka.  I used empty water bottles to dissolve the candies into the vodka (because I gave them a few good shakes in the process), and then funneled the end product into the flasks.  Super easy!

PS - I'm so glad it's March, I have so many exciting things coming up this month!!

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