Friday, March 19, 2010

let's get together, yeah yeah yeah

Freshmen year! Wow.

Midnight before Ali and I left California, we (along with Kait) sang Happy Birthday to Maddie and made her open the presents from her family (we gave her ours on Thursday because we're impatient people).  I love birthdays, and I was so happy to be there for Maddie's 24th!!  Friends and birthdays are the best!

NY is great and all, but the best best BEST part of this weekend was that I was with so many of my friends!  And so many of them don't live in NY.  We're all spread out across the country now (literally, west coast, midwest, east coast) which makes getting together difficult (and expensive).  Maybe some day all of our interests will align somehow and we can live near each other again...? 

See you soon, California! (er...I hope.)  For now it's back to regular life/posting.

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