Saturday, December 4, 2010

Festival of Gifts, Night 4

Happy 4th Night of Chanukah!  Half way through!

I've been running around all day doing touristy things around NY with some friends who had an out-of-town guest staying with them.  In the process I went by the Columbus Circle Holiday Market and discovered that they have a pretty spectacular set of food stands (not that I ate anything - we had just come from Sarabeth's).  There is a Pies & Thighs booth across from a Fatty Crab booth (also, that splash page on their website is one of my favorite things ever).

I hope that your Chanukah includes a card or gift as wonderful as the one I received today:

Note: this is how you do polar bear merchandise right :-)

Now, I'm off to a holiday sweater decorating party!  Yay!

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