Sunday, December 5, 2010

Festival of Gifts, Night 5

After spending most of the weekend on the go, today was a nice change of pace.  I slept in, worked on some gift-related projects, and spent the afternoon in the kitchen.  I came in from the cold and listened to a Sam Cooke Pandora station and made beef stew over egg fettucine:

Interesting fact: this Pandora station has played a rather disproportionate number of songs from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. 

I decided to not attempt to top my own Chanukah sweater from a few years ago, and instead I made my very own cheesy polar bear sweater at the party last night.  Everyone's were really great, but I'm waiting for them to post them online.  Until then, here's my little camera phone snap (btw, I was incredibly warm because I put this on over another sweater I was already wearing):
It's hard to tell, but the gold ball at the top is a "disco ball" and it has little rhinestone rays coming out of it.  He's a disco polar bear...

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