Monday, October 26, 2009

...and then the clouds parted

Sunday of my mom's visit was significantly improved by the weather, if nothing else. I took her to what turned out to be a very hopping day at the Brooklyn Flea, full of extra food vendors who were anticipating a visit from the Martha Stewart film crew. I saw the cameramen, but no Martha, and was finally able to snag myself a cute mini pumpkin cupcake (after the segment was filmed, of course). I had initially wanted a pumpkin pie flavored People's Pop, but they were "holding them for Martha Stewart" - it was tremendously disappointing!

I quickly got over my disappointment though, as my mom and I went from booth to booth, and I scored myself a red Woolrich, plaid-lined, funnel collared coat with batwing sleeves. Look for it to make its debut when the temperatures inevitably take another dip. I also got a really nice silver feather-shaped brooch, which needs a little polishing, but then it will be perfect!

We were walking back to my apartment when I noticed how picturesquely "fall in NY" these benches and trees seemed, so clearly we stopped to snap a photo (in which you can also see that it really was quite warm out--no coat!):

Our last big meal together was dinner at Perilla, the restaurant of Harold Dieterle (Top Chef season 1 winner!) I loved the touches fall decor, and the cute little dishes of sea salt on the tables instead of salt shakers!
I had my second steak of the weekend (thanks, mom!), this time served with a delicious jus and the best creamed spinach I've ever had--and I love spinach. Sorry this photo is so dark, I didn't want to use the flash in the restaurant! But it was delicious, take my word for it.

Our meal finished with a fantastic dark chocolate souffle, which was the dessert special of the evening and had to be pre-ordered at the beginning of the meal. It was definitely worth the over-stuffed feeling that I left with.

Mom's gone now, so it's back to the grind... I have to prepare for Halloween this weekend and finish up my costume!

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