Monday, October 19, 2009

Thinking about...Brunch!

This past Sunday was the perfect Brunch opportunity: Clare was staying here, and it was Nicole's birthday. We even convinced our perma-busy friend to join us for some brunch in Hell's Kitchen. We ate at 44&X, where I had eaten dinner previously but never brunch. I had really delicious Herb Scrambled Eggs with Vermont Cheddar Grits and an English Muffin. Their coffee was good ($3, bottomless coffee, not unreasonable), but their juice was kind of a rip off: a glass of orange juice (with ice!) for $6...and we saw the bartender pour--it's a glass of Tropicana. Talk about making a profit!

I digress... I'm SUPER EXCITED because I just got an e-mail saying that my *favorite* brunch in Manhattan is reopening: Community Food & Juice in Morningside Heights. I look forward to eating my favorite savory brunch, full of the best biscuits in New York and some chicken sausage. Perhaps I'll make my mom go while she's here this upcoming weekend!

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