Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanks, Columbus

A great weekend, courtesy of Christopher Columbus, and multiple friends visiting NYC!

Ali and I outside NYU med school, waiting for Vinay and Jibben. This is our new album cover.
a little freshmen year reunion at Shake Shack. Delicious.
Cocktails, dance party, and general awesomeness at The Bell House.

photobooth fun time! On the right, the results of trying to fit 6 people in the booth. Tip: this doesn't work.

a very formally dressed mustached man at the Bell House...
A bit of our autumn picnic in Central Park, full of Magnolia cupcakes, pumpkin ale, and sangria!

This weekend also included driving up to Westchester and encountering the craziest apple orchard I've ever seen...lines of cars down the road, lines of people waiting to pick apples, and at least 10 minutes in line for apple cider donuts. Totally worth it.

I realized that this was the weekend when I normally would have taken the bus/driven down from Ithaca and seen the foliage changing colors. Upstate NY at this time of year is great, even if it was only Westchester this time. And, our apples got used to make a delicious pie upon returning to the city!

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