Wednesday, April 6, 2011

look and sound like a movie (part two)

The flip side to my last mix*: songs that remind me of these movies every time I hear them. The first two tracks/movies I completely blame attribute to my parents as I was growing up. Other major players: John Hughes movies, and somehow I've doubled up on Frankie Valli songs. (This was originally inspired by a post on Design*Sponge.)

These songs are from:
Dirty Dancing
Top Gun
Almost Famous
10 Things I Hate About You
The Breakfast Club
Pretty in Pink
Napoleon Dynamite (clearly all clips of these have been kicked off of YouTube)
Say Anything

And two bonus songs/scenes:

Can't Hardly Wait

* EDIT: I made the last mix so quickly I forgot to put on one of the major songs I thought of in the first seconds of its conception before I started the dragging and dropping process of playlist creation.  So, here's the addendum: Grace Kelly (Mika)

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