Friday, April 22, 2011

so american

It's barely even spring, and lately all I can think about is summer. The free shows are being announced, I've got my ticket to Newport Folk Fest, and I've shoved all my boots and heavy coats into the back of the closet. Come on, sunshine and warm weather! Summer in America is bookended by two patriotic holidays, with the big one tucked in the middle. Everything gets all red, white, and blue and barbecued. Coachella makes the rest of the country jealous not only for having a stellar lineup, but also because it was basically a summer preview (90 degrees?! seriously??) Everywhere I turn, I see hints of summertime americana...

clockwise from top left: Kate Bosworth at Coachella, pants from Anthropologie, Sea of Shoes, Royal Tenenbaums

plus, now, a clip from the next Portugal. The Man album being released this summer, with an oh-so-appropriate tune:

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