Friday, April 1, 2011

hard to explain

I think I need to mentally prepare myself for how musically epic this weekend may/will be. Since I was sick last week and missed Noah and the Whale, I'm coming off of a bit of a live music drought and diving head first into two literally massive shows at Madison Square Garden.

First up is the Strokes' return to New York. It's amazing how excited I can get over a band whose particular brand of rock n' roll cool relies heavily on an air of apathy. Regardless of whatever problems they may have had putting together Angles, I still think it's a really solid record. The cover art is atrocious, and made me more prejudiced to think the album would be awful than any of their interviews about Julian only liking X% of the songs, etc. I've let it seep in over the course of 2 weeks and several plays, and it has really grown on me. I really do hope they get over whatever creative process problems they had, and continue to put out more music.

The last time I saw them was my junior year, playing on campus. It was absurdly exciting, to say the least.

Speaking of the Aragon, I can't help but feel a little old, because the first time I saw the Strokes there was also my first real concert. One of my favorite pictures is from that night - we look so young! I found a review of that show elsewhere online, and it's like a weird time warp: they didn't even have enough songs to do an encore! And tonight they play to a sold-out Madison Square Garden. So people can say whatever they want about the Strokes, but they'll always be one of the most seminal bands in my rotation.

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