Saturday, April 9, 2011

This week has kind of flown by. I'm hatching lots of new plans, including reviving my Etsy shop, and dropping off my compostable refuse at the Greenmarket this weekend. In addition, here are a few other tidbits:

Things I did:

* After reading a tweet by @ohjoystudio, I knew immediately that I had to go make myself some Cuban potato balls. They're pretty tasty, though I think I undersalted the potatoes. I'm seriously considering making some for Passover, substituting matzo meal for the breadcrumbs. I think it will be a really good alternative to what I normally end up eating.

* Spent way too much time on tumblr (seriously, I took a long break from looking at tumblr because it was so overwhelming, but I've been sucked back in). Happened across this band, The Dogs, described as being a cross between Belle and Sebastian and Pains of Being Pure at Heart, though after listening to their bandcamp page, I'd go with more of the latter. They're Chicago-based, and one of them is related to teen fashion blogging sensation Tavi. If you like the brand of indie pop that Pains do so well, you'll probably like these guys, too.

(something about their name, and maybe a little of their sound, but more that they're from Chicago, reminds me of highschool when I loved The Dog and Everything).

Things I want:

* Are there no Girl Scouts in NYC? Seriously, though, I have never encountered a single Girl Scout and somehow cookies magically appear every so often. But not this year. :'( I think I may have to take matters into my own hands by trying out this recipe for Samoas (or as we Chicagoans know them, Caramel Delights). (tipped via Cup of Jo)

via Band of Outsiders - I want to be at this sunny tea party! Someone pull me up a 3rd chair!

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