Thursday, September 24, 2009

Album Review: Freelance Whales - Weathervanes

My favorite subway platform discovery of the summer, Freelance Whales, finally debuted their album this month. It's full of all of the same genuine enthusiasm that initially drew me to their performance, but there are also really beautifully layered sounds and a hint of innocent desperation to their voices. "Broken Horse" sounds so much like it could be a Sufjan Stevens song, that I zoned out and actually thought that it *was* for a while. And it's true, their sound often has that dreamy layered (gazillion instrument-created) effect of acts like Sufjan Stevens and occasionally the Arcade Fire. My favorites are (still) "Generator ^ 2nd Floor", which was the song I first heard while waiting for an L train, and "Location". Perhaps not groundbreaking, but definitely delightful music to bring us into fall.

Their album is available on iTunes. Also, a few tracks are available for free through RCRD LBL

Also, can we discuss the cute, crafty quality of their cover art? Nice choice!

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