Monday, September 21, 2009

Before blogs...

...there were diaries.

And while I was at home this weekend, I found the last one I ever had. The one just barely preceding my (really whiny) LiveJournal. It only spans just over one month of my life of being 16, but it is so classically teen angst-ridden that I could hardly believe that the person who wrote it was ever me. What's even less believable is that almost every day I had the exact same (non)issues, but thought that they were new and different (or, you know, the end of the world). It's hysterical.

Summary of myself at 16:
- omg, my mom is totally overreacting
- I have a test/quiz/paper for this class and I need a __% on it or else I'm going to get a B! Oh no! (Generally followed 2 days later by, "oh, that was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be")
- why is ___ mad, this is so ridiculous! Alternatively: holy crap, I can't believe ___ said that, I'm so angry!
- She found out he didn't like her, it was so sad!
- omg highschool relationship = tunnel vision (someone should have told me to shut up)

It's nice to know that we've all grown up. But also scary that in some ways...not so much.

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