Sunday, September 27, 2009

Phoenix & Passion Pit (09.25.09)

Friday night, Ana and I went to the Phoenix and Passion Pit concert in Central Park. I was afraid that it might rain, but it was actually a beautifully clear night, and once the crowd properly formed it wasn't too cold. I was impressed by both sets, including Passion Pit's enthusiasm which managed to break one microphone -- oops! Phoenix opened with "Lisztomania" and just as I was surmising what non-Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix tracks they might play, they busted out "Long Distance Call." Clearly, "1901" closed the show, but right before then in their encore they also played "Too Young." <3

On top of being wonderful, and French, and full of life - their vocalist Thomas Mars came out into the crowd during the encore. He walked straight out towards us, and then bent down to ask something of the guy standing in front of me. The boy then proceeds to lift Thomas Mars up onto his shoulders, and I reached up to support him from behind - mostly in the hopes that no one would fall into me as everyone crowded our space. Then again, being fallen upon by the lead singer of Phoenix is probably not the worst thing in the world - and he looked pretty light.

Here are some photos, and a video I took of Passion Pit playing "The Reeling" - one of my summer 2009 staples!

Passion Pit
A sample of their awesome lighting
Rather than zooming in, this is me leaning backwards in an attempt to photograph Thomas Mars

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