Tuesday, September 22, 2009

officially Fall

Happy first day of Fall! This really is my favorite season.

The whole time I was in Chicago, it was so nice and warm still - a welcome change from some of the coldness that NY had been experiencing. But now that I'm back in Brooklyn and it's "officially" fall, suddenly we're in a little spurt of warm weather. My wardrobe is super confused.

Also while I was just at home in Chicago, I gave out these latest projects of mine to some of my favorite summer birthday girls:

^ for Ali (I made myself almost exactly the same one, too)

^ for Eve, perfect for her "law school wardrobe" color scheme

These have been a great way to go through some of my old fabric, which continues to pile up in every apartment I have. It's all bits and pieces (on rare occasion do I actually have leftover yardage, such as the print on this dress), but clearly they can be re-used so I'll never actually throw anything out! Such is the life of a pack rat.

I'm still going through the pains of finding a new job, and working on finalizing what styles I want to offer on Etsy.

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