Thursday, September 10, 2009

instant Amsterdam

I'm not quite on Holland time anymore, but still not back to NY time. So this morning I woke up and made pancakes, and hoped that if I put butter and powdered sugar on them, they'd taste like poffertjes -- they didn't (but they were still delicious). I went to drop off some 120mm film I shot, and will go back to Park Slope to get it tomorrow. In the meantime, these are some photos from my Polaroid - I felt that it was necessary to travel with 3 different cameras!

bike parking in Amsterdam

exterior of the Portuguese synagogue in Amsterdam

Rachel & Guy's wedding ceremony

Dad, holding Rachel's wedding bouquet - they were heavy!

Guy and Rachel exiting the synagogue - beautiful!

Tonight is Fashion's Night Out here in NY (and, well, everywhere there is a Vogue office). Luiz and I are going to the SPURR presentation in a few hours! I hope it isn't raining too badly later - I want to run around to a few of the stores' events tonight, but after my first rain-filled day in Amsterdam, I've had my fill of being cold and wet.

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