Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dutch design, new and old

Holland was a really beautiful place to visit. The architecture is almost overwhelming as you walk along the canals, passing all of the homes that the old Dutch elite had built. The details on many of the houses are elaborate and sometimes quite over-the-top. Here are a few of the elements that I liked along the way:

As an example of over-the-top design, how about some Greek gods statues to adorn the roof of your house?

This is the interior of the synagogue where my cousin was married - I love the tiled pillars

This was also inside of the synagogue - it's just a floor grate, but I loved the serpentine folded metal in the center and the radiating pattern

The bridges over the canals are all quite old, but this one stood out with its modern 3-D fence shapes

A pair of buildings, 383 and 385, had this great font for their housenumbers. I especially love the 8 and how it looks like a diamond ring.

Outside of a storefront were a series of these coverings - I like the scissors, and I actually saw more scissors elsewhere in the city, as part of the sidewalk. I wonder if they were related.

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